Photo : Karo Women © G.Pfannmüller

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  • The Murulle Foundation

    A public charity committed to conserving the balance between cultural & natural resources in sub-Saharan Africa beginning with initial projects in Ethiopia.

    The Foundation

    The Murulle Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Currently, there are numerous organizations dedicated to conserving Africa's rich cultural and natural resources.

    So what makes The Murulle Foundation unique? Why do we feel we will succeed when many larger, higher budgeted organizations have had limited success? The answer lies in three guiding principles:

  • Simplicity
  • Grassroots work
  • Long-term commitment An African chief once stated, "Vultures do not circle around the small rabbit." By working on a few simple projects, we will limit how much external involvement affect the proceedings of The Foundation. This will enable us to spend our time and money effectively and efficiently where it really needs to be: within the project areas and local communities.

    The Foundation has already established critical ties in Ethiopia, in particular, with Nassos Roussos who has been committed to conserving wildlife in Ethiopia for over 25 years. These ties will enable us to get a head start on understanding the real problems and what has to be done to commit to long term projects that will ultimately achieve the desired results.

    Why Ethiopia?

    The United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has added seven Ethiopian entries to its "World Heritage Sites" declaration that protects world culture and natural heritage. Perhaps unparalleled in its variations, experts recognize Ethiopia to have as many as 16 different agroclimatic zones and rank it as one of the top 12 biologically diverse countries in the world. An impressive array of fauna inhabit Ethiopia, including many which are endemic (only found in Ethiopia). These include:

  • 31 of the 277 mammal species
  • 24 of the 63 amphibians
  • 16 of the 861 bird species
  • 4 of the 150 fish species
  • 9 of the 210 reptiles

    The new government has shown concern over the severe degradation of Ethiopia's natural resources and has recently expressed support for the conservation, educational and scientific research goals of The Murulle Foundation in Ethiopia.

    For more information or to contact us:

    The Murulle Foundation
    P.O. Box 1442
    Fort Collins, CO 80522 USA