Photo : Karo Women © G.Pfannmüller

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  • Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris
    P.O. Box 3658, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Tel. 251-111-552128/558591/551127
    Fax. 251-111-550298

    The Middle Rift Route

  • Focus: Birds, wildlife, scenery, nature
  • Best time of year: end September to mid June
  • In-country days: 16
  • Transportation: Drive

    Day 01 - arrive Addis; city tour; shopping
    Day 02 - Drive to the Ethiopian middle rift system, stopping at Lakes Koka & Ziway for water birds like:

    African Pygmy Geese
    Yellow-billed & Marabou Storks
    Crowned & Common Cranes
    Lesser & Greater Jacanas
    African Jacanas
    White Pelicans
    Fish Eagles
    Collard Pratincoles.
    Day 03 - Early in the morning, leave for the Abijata-Shalla National Park where more than 400 species have been recorded, however intense human interference has affected the park in recent years. Still to be seen are:
    Lesser & greater Flamingo
    African Pochard
    Gull-billed Tern
    Pintail Little Stint
    Keep on driving to Lake Awassa, the afternoon birding will allow one to see:
    Saddlebill & Marabou Storks
    Malachite King Fisher
    Spur-winged Plover,
    Pygmy Goose,
    Brown Snake Eagle,
    Black-winged Lovebird
    Day 04 - Full day birding around Lake Awassa & the "Tikur Weha" forest area.
    Day 05 - Drive to the southern town of Yavello to explore the forest reserve where over 200 species have been listed:
    Abyssinian Bush Crow
    White-tailed Swallow
    Abyssinian Grosbeak Canary
    Black-capped Social Weaver
    Short-tailed Lark
    Pringle's Puff-back
    Northern Grey Tit
    Somali Sparrow
    Day 06 - Full day birding at Yavello Sanctuary.
    Day 07 - Drive to the town of Mega, with birding along the way which includes:
    Golden Breasted Starling
    Helmeted & Vulturine Guinea Fowl
    Superb Starling
    Lilac Breasted Starling
    Day 08 - On the way to Negele, explore the forest around the town of Arero. About 168 species have been recorded including 2 endemics that are among most sought-after birds in Africa:
    Prince Ruspoli's Turaco
    Salvadori's Seedeater
    Days 09 & 10 - Spend 2 days exploring the diversified environment around Negele, expecting to see:
    Prince Ruspoli's Turaco
    Salvadori's Seedeater
    Sidamo long-clawed Lark
    Somali short-toed Lark
    Red-napped Bush Shriek
    White crowned Starling
    Tiny Cisticola
    Heuglin's Bustard
    Hunter's Sunbird
    Golden Pipit
    Pygmy Batis
    Rufus Sparrow
    Coqui Francolin
    Day 11 - Continue to Goba and the Sanetti Plateau, driving on the highest road and on the highest moorland in Africa. Birding along the way will allow seeing:
    Golden backed woodpecker
    White backed Tit
    Day 12 - Full day birding in Bale Nat Park and return to Goba with a chance to see:
    Abyssinian Catbird
    Day 13 - Drive to Wondo Genet with birding on the way.
    Day 14 - Full day birding around Wondo Genet.
    Day 15 - Drive back to Addis; afternoon leisure or shopping; cultural evening out.
    Day 16 - Departure


  • Most of Ethiopia's endemic birds
  • Considerably more species than listed above
  • Wildlife-viewing, including some endemic species
  • Stunning highland scenery in the Bale Mts

  • Photo : Lemmergeyer © Ethiopian Tourism Commission
    Photo : Black Winged Lovebirds © S.Roussos
    Photo : Malachite Kingfisher © W.Siebert
    Photo : Masked Weaver © W.Siebert
    Photo : Superb Starling © W.Siebert