Photo : Karo Women © G.Pfannmüller

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  • Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris
    P.O. Box 3658, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Tel. 251-111-552128/558591/551127
    Fax. 251-111-550298

    The Owners

    Nassos & Susan Roussos have a long history of welcoming guests in Ethiopia.

    A Greek from Cyprus, born & raised in Ethiopia, Nassos' interests are primarily in wildlife and environmental conservation.

    Susan is an American who has lived in Ethiopia since 1973 and works alongside her husband in the administration of the company, as well as operating their private Murulle Lodge in the deep southwest Omo Valley.

    The Company

    In operation since 1982, Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris offers a depth of knowledge & experience enhanced with a variety of services and special facilities that define it as the tour company most capable of putting all of Ethiopia at your disposal.

    We excel in providing complete & country-wide tours at competitive rates, travel facilitation, hotel booking & related hospitality services.

    For transportation, ERVS supplies a fleet of comfortable up-to-date ground vehicles plus makes convenient use of local air charter services. For many proud years Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris has successfully met the challenge of developing private bush camps, thus providing an opportunity to share the wonders of Ethiopia in very special ways.

    Photo : Nassos & Susan Roussos

    Photo : The ERVS Staff

    Photo : ERVS Professional Guide The Professional Staff

    To be a successful Guide in a country with such great diversity in travel, one must also be greatly diverse in knowledge.

    Each of our Guides is a graduate of intense professional training courses that take them from a 5th century pagan temple outside Axum > to birds of the Rift Valley Lakes > to underground cave systems > to market days of remote ethnic groups > to the endemic wildlife of Ethiopia's plains & highlands.

    Understanding of tour planning & management is essential, and there is no substitute for years of experience in bush travel when it comes to familiarity with the varying cultures, flora & fauna. Such are the qualities evident in ERVS Guides, as well as support staff. Having a sense of humour, good social skills & speaking English fluently, are all mandatory.

    Photo : Omo Valley Landscape © B.Petersen

    The Best of Ethiopia

    At Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris we pride ourselves on suggesting attractions & events that will make your stay in Ethiopia a truly memorable one. The staff of ERVS will make every effort to customize an itinerary according to your choice & personal interest.

    It is our pleasure to make you feel absolutely welcome & comfortable whether it be in a secluded, primitive bushland learning about fascinating ways of remote people…or standing in awe of historical, cultural & religious relics to an unparalleled ancient past …or simply enjoying the wide smile & friendly hospitality of an Ethiopian shopkeeper in the city

    Our programs are designed as a personalized experience where you, the individual Traveller, are our main concern.