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It is with great pride that we present Ethiopia - an ancient land of history and nature, and land of unusual contrasts. With a legacy going back as far as 60 centuries, Ethiopia is a land of mystery with regions yet unexplored.

As a tribute to this legacy, the UN Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has added 7 Ethiopian entries to its "World Heritage Sites" declaration. Among these sites: Hadar, the "Cradle of Mankind" and more specifically of 3.5 million year-old hominid "Lucy;" the spectacularly rugged Simien Mountains; and the unequaled architecture of the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.

Perhaps unparalleled in its variations, experts recognize Ethiopia to have as many as 16 different agro-climatic zones and rank it as one of the top 12 countries known for having richest bio-diversity.

Splendidly lush Afro-Alpine moorland peaks rise to 4620 mts while not far away lies a contrasting sulfuric inferno, the dazzling Dallol Depression with one of the lowest points on earth at 100 meters below sea level.

Lying in the tropics and with an area of over 1 million square kms most of the country consists of an elevated airy tableland dissected by deep river gorges and bordered all round by arid lowlands.

The most remarkable valley on the planet, the Great Rift Valley cuts across Ethiopia creating a string of 7 lakes, rich in all life forms.

Ethiopia's 9 national parks and 4 sanctuaries are known as much for their unique animal and bird life as for fabulous nature. An impressive array of fauna includes many endemic species: 31 of 277 mammal; 16 of 861 bird; 24 of 63 amphibian; 9 of 210 reptile; and 4 of 150 fish. The flora count is equally interesting in that at least 1000 of the 7000 plant species are restricted to Ethiopia. For entomology enthusiasts, 324 butterflies are recognized of which 7 are said to be endemic.

Rich too in cultural heritage, more than 88 language groups endow this ancient land. Nearing 60 million inhabitants, Ethiopia is Africa's third most populous nation, so it follows that there exists a bounty of exotic costumes, colorful ceremonies and celebrations, arts, crafts, music and dance that liken Ethiopia to an "Africa miniaturized" …each ethnic group with distinct tradition and fascinating character.

Added pleasure can always be found in Ethiopia's mild climate and claim to fame that boasts "13 Months of Sunshine." In rain or shine, with all its varied and dramatic contrasts, Ethiopia is certain to create fulfilling memories not only for the Adventure Traveler but for anyone with a spirit thirsty for an enchanting new experience. Taste the waters of Ethiopia…and vow to return to her again one day.

We invite you to inquire for further information on how to experience the best of Ethiopia. All you need do is, ANTICIPATE AN UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE ... and we'll take you there.

With warmest wishes,
Nassos & Susan Roussos
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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